About us


Magazines, Catalogs and Direct Mail Publications

Printing at Wholesale offers magazine publishers the opportunity to maximize their profits through our printing program.

While our main business is direct mail coupon magazines, we are a national leader in affordable high quality magazine printing, and in creating innovative products to improve our publisher’s revenues and profits

Founded in 2009 by a team of experienced direct mail magazine publishers, Printing at Wholesale developed a concept of organizing a group of independent publishers to take advantage of flexibility and volume in the printing industry.

Printing at Wholesale offers a printing programs for publishers that includes flexible print schedules, unlimited page counts, minimum turnaround and added value programs that increase the bottom line for publishers and give more advertising options for their customers.

Not just a printer, Printing at Wholesale can handles the total logistics for order processing including mail lists and labels, finishing and fulfillment, freight, shipping for samples and extras, supplemental printing orders for inserts, wraps and DAL cards, postal receipts, etc.

Printing at Wholesale also develops customized value-added technology solutions for our network of independent publishers.  Our experience in producing and delivering magazine products is evident in how we are perceived by our customer publishers..

In addition to printing and mailing, Printing at Wholesale offers custom websites, electronic magazines, targeted internet marketing, and a whole host of other technology solutions to publishers in our network.